Newmoji Is A Collective Of Creatives, Artists, Designers, Originators And Chancers
We have come together to enrich and deepen how you interact with digital icons by evolving them into the art form we believe they deserve to be.
Ultimately our mission is for you to see digital icons in ways you've never seen them before and in places you never expected:
Taking them from the digital world back to the real world. Taking simple icons and making something more.
Taking chances to take you by surprise.
Newmoji. Forever New.
Since the dawn of civilization, language and writing systems have constantly morphed and evolved. Communication happens at lightning-speeds, our brains process symbols thousands of times faster than text.
Digital icons have helped to create a truly universal world, one language understandable by everyone. But while technology has developed and our focus on design has become more important, digital icon design remained the same.
We Want To Enhance How We All Use Digital Icons And Create Something That Complements Your Own Styles And Tastes.
Something more in tune with the fast-developing technology that surrounds your life.
We are doing it because it’s what we have done for over 20 years and probably all we know how to do nowadays. Most of the people behind this project have played a significant part in the creation and evolution of digital icons.
We Believe In What We Do, But We Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously.
Now Into The Nitty Gritty !
We’ve Created Three Newmoji Design Styles With You In Mind.
Hyper-Realistic Art
Hyper-Realistic, hand-drawn aesthetics transform digital icons into works of art.
Extreme 3D
Blockbuster movie and video game animation style that brings digital icons to life.
Sketched Art
Revamping digital icons into monochrome masterpieces